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"When I contacted NFS in October 2016,

 I was at the point where my 1.5 year old and I were going to be homeless. I did not have any means to survive as I was an immigrant and didn’t have a permit to work and drive anymore to support me and my baby. I fell victim of extreme mental, sexual and physical abuse by the hands of my mentally ill husband. I was in extreme trauma and distress by everything that happened to me. After daring to get out of that abusive relationship, I could not provide shelter and basic needs to my son. I didn’t even have money to hire an attorney to file for divorce and custody of my son. 

Noor Family services started helping me from the day I first called them and never looked away. They understood how helpless and broken I was and provided me with a counselor to take care of my emotional distress. They also gave me a lawyer, to help me with the divorce and custody of my child and get my work permit and legal status. They helped me with transport when I didn’t have any means to travel when needed. They provided us with food when we didn’t have any source of income. We lived in different shelter for more than a year and finally with the help of NFS, I’m able to provide stable housing to my son. I’m trying to make ends meets now but I can’t take care of our rental, utility, daycare, transportation and other expenses with my income. They still help me with a portion of rent, food, car insurance and gas and finding better job. They put us in a safe place again when recently my husband had a psychotic attack and he started harassing and terrorizing us. They always cared for our well-being and security from our abuser.
The support group and the Yoga sessions definitely help too :) 
All I know is we could not survive all the tragedies and trauma without the help of NFS. Thank you all the people working for NFS and supporting NFS.

 I can’t thank you all enough. "


"I have been a client of NFS for several months now.

I considered myself an emotionally intelligent person, and this is what most people think of me. Professionally I am a psychotherapist and bid writer and had a long career in London in the field of addiction and suicide & self harm for over 20 years, before I got married. My marriage brought me to USA. I had an arranged marriage, and unfortunately the dynamics of my marriage turned out to be abusive. My ex husband subjected me to financial, emotional, psychological, intimate abuse and immigration abuse. NFS worked compassionately and in a consultative manner to let me know what they were doing at every stage and made sure my rent was going to be paid. The communication has been consistent and the timing spot on.

 NFS has been my Lifeline. When I could not afford food, NFS have provided me with groceries. Working with NFS has given me a sense of empowerment back and stability in my life when things have been so frightening. Their work ethics and magnanimous support, and steadfast passion, moved me. I am most certain other clients, who have also experienced the horrible effects of domestic violence, that unfortunately are so prevalent in our society, have also felt the support contained them, especially when you feel the need to hide the abuse and feel so ashamed and not able to speak up.

NFS also provided me with legal aid, pro-bono for many months, throughout my divorce and getting away from my abuser. Being so far away from my loved ones in England, NFS provided me with a sense of belonging and family by supporting me. I am again becoming more enthusiastic about my life and am settling into my new home. The uncertainty that once terrified me, is something I perceive as new opportunities. 

Thank you so much for breathing life into me, NFS. "