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Noor Family Services

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About Us


Who are we?

 Noor Family Services started with just a dream and had nothing tangible. But now, we have established processes, resources to contact, and an office where clients can call and receive help. We also have several dedicated volunteers, community partners, private donors, and supporters who have made our dream a reality.

- Chama Ibrahim

  NFS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 2015 to fill a need in the community for confidential, culturally-sensitive services and assistance to immigrant /refugee communities experiencing crises due to family violence and abuse. These crises may be exacerbated due to language barriers, cultural stigmas, and emotional challenges such as loneliness, depression, abuse, violence or just the need for a friendly ear.  NFS is available to answer questions for clients in crisis or needing guidance to prevent a crisis situation.  NFS will listen and provide referrals, as well as provide legal and advocacy services as necessary.  


What do we do?

Although Noor Family Services is most commonly related to providing culturally-sensitive services for foreign-born and immigrant women and children impacted by domestic violence, NFS provides services to all victims regardless of gender and background. Services are grouped into three primary program areas, each with emphasis on essential steps that have a meaningful impact.  As a culturally-sensitive non-profit agency, we view these programs as ways to extend the care and concern for victims and survivors in the broader ethnic community, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or cultural or ethnic affiliation. 


Staff & Board of Directors

CHAMA IBRAHIM, Executive Director

AMELA CESKO, Case Manager

ZAKIA SHAKOOR, Advocate/Educator

FAKIHA KHAN, Legal Services

FATIMA WASIM Ph.D, Therapist 

FERDOWS MUNIR, Fundraiser Coordinator


ZAREEN HASAN, Chair Of Board

Our Timeline